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Taking Remote TV production To The Cloud

The Switch - Vision - Remote Production to the Cloud

The global demand for content shows no signs of waning. Whether it’s the five billion videos watched on YouTube every day, the 139 million Netflix subscribers or global TV rights for sports projected to grow by 75% to $85 billion by the end of 2024, by every metric, content is king. And it will continue to be so as we see more live, linear and on-demand programming than ever being produced and disseminated across a constantly growing and shifting array of platforms.

Volume is not the only driver behind the video content explosion. Flexibility, efficiency and speed to market are also massively important to reaching viewers in real time with a constant flow of fresh content. So finding ways to add new, quality video to the content mix is of critical importance to content producers serving the billions of people still watching linear TV, the 600+ million estimated OTT subscribers worldwide and the world’s 3 billion regular social media users. This momentum is driving forward-looking organizations into a future in which they must find new approaches and technologies to produce and deliver more live sports, entertainment, news and enterprise programming than ever to different audiences, without overstretching resources.

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The Switch Vision Remote Production Cloud Featured