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Frequently Asked Questions

When using XprsIT, after I select a FiveNines City and XprsIT takes me to the Transmission/Source Port page, the Ethernet port is greyed out and I cannot select it?

By default in XprsIT, FiveNines and Standard Video ports are active and can be select prior to picking a transmission Type.  However, the Ethernet ports will not be active until an Ethernet Transmission type is selected and then the Video ports will be greyed out.

How do I get access to FiveNines capable ports and Venues?

FiveNines capable ports and access to Venues is a service that must be purchased in addition to any current services.  Please contact your Account Executive for more details.

Can I book a FiveNines Video port to a Standard Video port?

Yes, but the service will not be FiveNines capable from end to end.