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With Success of NBA, NHL Seasons Behind Them, The Switch Looks Forward to MLB, NFL

NEW YORK—July 9, 2015—Culminating with both the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals, The Switch announced the completion of successful seasons for both the NBA and NHL serving the transport service needs of several major customers, including both major cable and broadcast network distributors, via The Switch FiveNines Service.
The 2014/15 seasons marked the first year The Switch FiveNines Service was provided to customers.  The Switch FiveNines Service is the first fully protected, venue-to-master control room solution for High Definition Video and scalable Ethernet transport.  The Switch FiveNines Service is currently available at more than 140 sports and entertainment venues, as well as rights holder locations across The United States and Canada.
The service features dual and diverse points of entry and redundant 10 Gbps pathways, where possible, to and from sports venues and customer locations.  Additional innovations include seamless transport of Uncompressed and JPEG2000 HD, ASI, 3G and 4K capabilities as well as Ethernet connections paired with on-site telephone and Internet connectivity.
“We are so proud of what we have built and delivered to customers utilizing The Switch Five Nines Service, during these past NHL and NBA seasons,” said Scott Beers, Chairman and CEO of The Switch.  “We feel we have positioned ourselves appropriately for the future of television, whether that be 4K, 3G, The Switch’s Home Runs service, or support of various OTT (over-the-top) applications.  The Switch’s Five Nines Service is truly leading edge.”
In addition to the successful completion of the NBA and NHL seasons, The Switch FiveNines Service was also utilized to air both the NBA Draft and the NHL Draft, held Thursday June 25, and Friday, June 26, respectively. The Switch is about halfway through serving customer transport needs in the current MLB season, and is completing final preparations for the start of the 2015/16 NFL season, which officially kicks off in September.