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The Switch to Release SwitchIT Upgrade, Virtual Venue Panel (VVP)

Watch the video preview of the Virtual Venue Panel

NEW YORK—September 1, 2016 — The Switch announced today it will release an upgraded version of its patented, award-winning, customer-control software, SwitchIT.  This latest version, SwitchIT  3.12b, will introduce a new enhanced feature called the Virtual Venue Panel (VVP), a simulated graphical version of The Switch’s physical I/O panel at each of 120+ sports venues.
The VVP can be accessed by using any internet-connected device allowing the customer the ability to virtually see the venue I/O panel, assisting them in locating the correct video, Ethernet, and/or telephone ports to access on the physical panel.
The VVP will also display the customer’s logo, while providing the operator a real time view of the status of the feed scheduled for that port by color, with black as off-air and green as on-air.  Customers will now be able to view a summary of their feed ordered on each port by hovering their mouse over the “on-air” port on the VVP.  Details include Work Order number, start/end date and time, transmission type, source/destination ports, and customer.  Additionally, If the VVP is being accessed on a mobile device, the “NOC” button will allow the user to immediately dial our Network Operations Center at the press of a button.
“We are very excited to introduce the Virtual Venue Panel (VVP) feature to our customers,” said Howard Miller, Executive Vice President at The Switch.  “This innovative feature will make it even easier for our customer’s venue EIC to identify exactly where to plug their feed(s) into at each venue.  Customer-control and ease of use continues to drive our SwitchIT development.”
The release of SwitchIT 3.12b is expected to occur the week of September 1, 2016, just prior to the start of the 2016 NFL Regular Season.