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The Switch to Double Network Capacity

LAS VEGAS—April 8, 2014—In support of its newly unveiled The Switch Five Nines Service, The Switch has announced the upgrade of their current 10 Gbps Inter-City backbone to 20 Gbps.  

The Switch’s upgraded 20 Gbps backbone will carry the new service between its 44 interconnecting major metropolitan switching centers and more than 120 venues and rights holders throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.  

The newly upgraded network will compliment the innovative The Switch Five Nines Service to include seamless transport of Uncompressed and JPEG2000 HD, ASI, 3G and 4K capabilities, as well as Ethernet connectivity.

All services of The Switch are available on a scheduled or on-demand basis via The Switch’s customer control software SwitchIT, or by contacting The Switch’s Customer Service Center.

Utilizing Net Insight’s MSR technology, The Switch will be able to seamlessly double the network capacity, while continuously providing its innovative on demand services.