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Spreading the field: Concacaf taps The Switch to power premier international soccer tournaments in 2022

Concacaf leverages The Switch’s expertise, network reach and cloud capabilities to deliver every match from five premier international soccer events this year

New York – 11 May 2022 – The Switch, a leading provider of production services and global delivery of live video, is providing connectivity and transmission services to the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf) for its premier international tournaments this year. The association is relying on The Switch’s connectivity expertise and network reach to deliver live video feeds of the association’s hotly-anticipated men’s and women’s competitions from stadiums across the northern Americas to all major rightsholders.

In addition to tapping The Switch’s private fiber network, Concacaf is relying on its Cloud Video Services platform, MIMiC, for international distribution of 300 tournament games from their W Championship to the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League, Scotiabank Concacaf League, their youth competitions, and the Nation’s League. Worldwide coverage of five of Concacaf’s premier international tournaments is being delivered via The Switch’s network and MIMiC to an array of major media companies for broadcast and streaming, including CBS/Paramount+, ESPN, FOX Sports, Flow, One Soccer, and Univision.

Oscar Sanchez, Director Broadcast Operations & Media Distribution at Concacaf says: “We’ve trusted The Switch’s traditional transmission services for several tournaments now and it’s always been excellent. What’s really exciting about this year’s tournaments is how we can expand our services by utilizing its cloud-based transmission services – it’s given us so much more flexibility in what we can do for each game.”

The Switch’s global network capability and connectivity experience ensure it can provide IP delivery of games from Concacaf’s production facility in Florida to multiple destinations via the internet and, where available, The Switch’s private fiber network. With cloud-based transmission capabilities for either the primary feed or as a backup, The Switch gives Concacaf the flexibility and agility needed to deliver every tournament to the broadcast rightsholders without interruption.

Rick Behar, Vice President of Sales at The Switch, notes: “Delivering live sports from one end of the world to another is always a big challenge, but one that we at The Switch embrace. With established expertise in producing and delivering high-quality, low-latency feeds using a range of IP tools and infrastructure, we enable rightsholders and broadcasters to create fantastic sports coverage no matter where they are. Choosing The Switch and MIMiC means Concacaf can deliver more content to more destinations than ever, enabling its thrilling soccer action to reach a broader audience.”