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NFL Network Flexes ‘At-Home’ Muscles With The Switch for Conference USA Schedule

Five of the 10-game schedule were produced from The Switch’s Burbank, CA, studio, SVG Reports

With college-football championship week and bowl season just around the corner, conferences are assessing their regular-season broadcast operations. While organizations like Pac-12 Networks lead the way in producing games remotely, other conferences are moving toward that model. This year, NFL Network forged a partnership with The Switch and produced five of the network’s 10-game schedule of the Conference USA season via at-home production.

“When we picked up one game per week from Conference USA, we put out bids and responses from traditional production [companies], but The Switch came back with an at-home model,” says Leon Schweir, VP, broadcast operations, NFL Network. “There was a price point we wanted to hit, and I think they helped get us there, so we signed up with them during the first week of June.”