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Wimbledon 2023

Wimbledon 3

Hitting an ace: The Switch delivers state-of-the-art connectivity at Wimbledon 2023 

Live time

  • Wimbledon, the world’s most celebrated tennis competition and one of the largest global sporting events, captivates tens of millions of fans each year through its live broadcast and streaming coverage
  • To tackle the monumental broadcasting challenge Wimbledon poses and to ensure flawless connectivity and content delivery, Wimbledon’s international rightsholders turned to The Switch – leveraging its extensive experience and expertise in providing high-quality, low-latency delivery to broadcasters and streaming services worldwide.
  • The Switch’s long-standing relationship and heritage supporting Wimbledon made it an ideal partner for the 2023 tournament, combining its expertise in first-mile delivery and its top-tier IP infrastructure to enable rightsholders such as ESPN, Tennis Channel and Stats Perform to capture the grandeur of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament.

Always there

  • To address the unique requirements of Wimbledon, The Switch installed a dedicated private dark fiber ring into the All-England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon. This infrastructure was instrumental in delivering content to the IMG Studios in West London, where all Wimbledon production was centralized. This installation marked the largest stadium Point of Presence ever constructed by The Switch.
  • Through this private network, The Switch successfully achieved an impressive capacity of 100-200Gbps, ensuring the seamless delivery of live feeds from all 18 courts to Wimbledon’s broadcasting partners.
  • The flexible fiber network ensured redundancy and the ability to adjust capacity dynamically, thereby guaranteeing more extensive and higher quality coverage.

Always on

  • The Switch seamlessly delivered live feeds from all 18 courts at Wimbledon including behind the scenes footage and beauty shots, ensuring the highest quality streaming experience across the world to millions of fans.
  • The Grand Slam tournament had the assurance and flexibility it needed to produce high quality, high value sports content to different broadcasters all over the world.
  • Wimbledon 2023 was one of the tournament’s most viewed, with Spanish tennis star Carlos Alcaraz’s thrilling five-set victory over Novak Djokovic in the men’s singles final drawing a TV audience of 11.3 million on the BBC in the UK and 3.2 million on ESPN in the US.



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