The Switch Case Studies - Nintendo E3


The Switch Case Studies -Ninetendo

The Switch enables Nintendo to meet the challenge of livestreaming E3 to audiences on OTT platforms across the globe

Live time

  • Nintendo E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has grown to be one of the world’s biggest gaming industry events, with tens of millions joining the 68,000+ attendees via a range of online feeds in 2018 – making the successful streaming of the event across multiple over-the-top (OTT) platforms a complex and daunting task
  • Nintendo relied on The Switch to provide a range of services that would guarantee that all the key action from E3 went out via linear and streaming feeds worldwide across each and every OTT platform it needed to

Always there

  • As the exclusive distribution partner, The Switch enabled Nintendo to produce live content throughout E3, providing access to the gaming giant’s Treehouse Live booth at the Los Angeles Convention Centre – and utilizing multiple service offerings and teams to ensure seamless content distribution
  • Delivered the production to its Los Angeles Network Operation Center (NOC) pool ports, where IGN and GameSpot, among others, were able to pull the content for additional onward distribution
  • Made accessible for any streaming and OTT applications by providing transcoding and delivery through The Switch’s Los Angeles Master Control Room (MCR)

Always on

  • MCR feed contributed via The Switch’s AWS Direct Connect into AWS Media Live, bypassing the internet, allowed near limitless syndication partners at 1080p60
  • Enabled cloud syndication of multiple feeds to YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook, NicoNico, G&L and others
  • Ensured Nintendo was able to reach the millions of excited gamers keen for the latest news and updates from the show – highlighted by the eagerly anticipated launch of “Super Smash Ultimate”

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The Switch Case Studies - Nintendo E3