The Switch NHL Twitter LIVE MIMiC pdf

NHL Twitter LIVE

The Switch NHL Twitter LIVE MIMiC 1

Playing in a virtual world: The Switch assists NHL’s pre-game Playoff and Stanley Cup coverage on Twitter Live 

Live time

  • The NHL wanted to build anticipation of its broadcasts of the 2021 Playoffs and Stanley Cup Finals with a purely digital show that began on Twitter 20 minutes before the opening face-off and then run the opening minutes of the live game
  • Launched this new type of pre-game programming with support from The Switch, enabling it to tailor highly interactive and fun content for NHL fans on Twitter, keeping them informed and entertained in the run-up to key games 
  • Relied on The Switch for a big assist in producing and livestreaming the show, which included interactive polls and questionnaires, highlights from previous games, betting odds, and player and team news 
  • Show was streamed to Twitter Live under the hashtag #NHLTwitterLive 

Always there 

  • The Switch curated and powered the entire schedule of programming, deploying a comprehensive suite of live video production and delivery services to support a virtualized production for 21 pre-game shows through MIMiC, its Cloud Video Services platform
  • Booked hosts and former players to present each show, including ex-NHL stars Mark Messier and Anson Carter, and MSG Networks journalist Michelle Gingras
  • MIMiC provided low-latency cloud-based communications tools to connect the remote talent, announcers, graphics operators and show producers
  • Produced show from its Burbank and New York production facilities, where clipping, editing, and distribution of the live feeds took place

Always on

  • Gave NHL’s 6.3 million Twitter followers a way to get into the excitement of the Playoffs and Stanley Cup from any device
  • MIMiC was the glue that bought the project together, enabling the remote talent and production personnel to communicate and produce content in real-time, bringing the pre-game curtain-raiser and opening live-action to life
  • The workflow linked crews from Long Island, Burbank, New York, Chicago and Brooklyn, enabling them to coordinate production in real-time 
  • Demonstrated breadth of The Switch’s remote and cloud-based production and delivery services, and its ability to produce high-quality content in any format

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    The Switch NHL Twitter LIVE MIMiC pdf