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The Switch Case Studies -

The Switch hits global gaming audience for Xbox and other MS platforms by hooking them into E3 conference news

Live time

  • Microsoft Studio’s global live conference at E3 in Los Angeles is a key opportunity for it to reach its global gaming audience – looking for the latest on games for its Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Games for Windows, Steam, Windows Store and Windows Phone platforms – and it wanted to reach this audience with all the news
  • Redmond, Washington company needed a production partner that wouldensure seamless video and Ethernet transmission to support critical live feeds from the conference to its global audience

Always there

  • The Switch connected Microsoft Studios onto its global network by connecting diverse 10 Gbps fiber optic cables between Microsoft Studios’ headquarters in Redmond and The Switch’s local PoP
  • Transmission services allowed Microsoft to send and receive video programming from the conference in a variety of video formats, including 4K, 3G, HD, ASI, J2K as well as selectable bandwidths of Ethernet and DIA
  • Through the use of The Switch’s fiber trailers, ensured permanent connectivity for both on-site and off-site locations

Always on

  • Result was ES 2019 conference syndicated to the broadcast media at the highest quality available
  • Capability to deliver coverage of event to a pool of broadcasters ready to “pull” the feed (via The Switch network) or encode for non-linear distribution to OTT or social media
  • Through The Switch, Microsoft Studios delivered faultless coverage to developers and the Microsoft community across the world, announcing a staggering 50 games – including 18 Xbox exclusives and 15 world premieres

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The Switch Case Studies - Microsoft Studios