The Switch Case Studies - E3 2019

E3 2019

The Switch Case Studies - E3

The Switch delivers E3 action and news from Microsoft, Nintendo and Square Enix to the gaming world

Live time

  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), organized by the Entertainment Software Association, is one of the premier events in the global gaming calendar, bringing together the who’s who of hardware manufacturers, software developers and publishers
  • At E3 2019, Microsoft, Nintendo and Square Enix looked to The Switch to enable them to reach gamers the world over with live streams of their hotly anticipated announcements on products slated to hit the shelves later in the year
  • With live presentations and prerecorded content delivered from the Los Angeles Convention Centre and nearby venues, The Switch needed to get word out on what was new and exciting at E3 to any and all gaming enthusiasts plugged into E3

Always there

  • The Switch enabled Microsoft to produce live content throughout E3 by transmitting 4K feeds to Microsoft HQ for delivery via its Mixer platform with a dedicated Ethernet connection
  • Live feeds from Ace Hotel and the Belasco Theater transmitted from off-site events held by Nintendo and Square Enix, respectively – using a portable network box – to the control room at The Switch’s Los Angeles hub
  • Deployed dedicated fiber connections ensured uninterrupted live streams throughout the event
  • Dedicated Ethernet connectivity was used to successfully deliver video between venues, control cameras, take prompts and deliver reliable internet connections

Always on

  • The Switch empowered Microsoft, Nintendo and Square Enix to to create real buzz at the show and throughout the world — sharing the excitement of E3 with millions of fans globally
  • Made sure clients’ feeds were delivered seamlessly and in stunning quality from day one until the doors closed on the last day of the event

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The Switch Case Studies - E3 2019