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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in my Broadcast Center to Facilitate Ethernet?

Ethernet service provided by the Switch requires local access service and Customer Premise Equipment to “hand-­off” a standard type of data connection, typically a RJ 45 interface.

Does Ethernet service have the same level of diversity and redundancy as other service that is transported by The Switch?

Yes. 1+1 protection is in-­‐place for all Ethernet service scheduled on The Switch network.

What are some of the technical attributes of data services supported by The Switch?
  • E-­‐line point to point connectivity
  • E-­‐LAN point to multipoint topologies, mesh or “star,” any number of sites.
  • 802.1q – VLANS
  • 802.1D-­‐1998/2004 protocols
  • Jumbo frames
  • Extremely low network induces latency variation (Jitter
  • Port speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Extremely low network induced latency variation (Jitter)
  • Port speeds up to 10Gbps
How is Ethernet service monitored?

As a product of The Switch Network, monitoring and diagnostic tools are in-­‐place at The Switch Network Operations Center to provision, monitor and diagnose problems and issues that may arise. These tools are similar to the tools that allow the operation to monitor video service and overall, the same level of service and support exits for Ethernet service that exists for video service.

What are the increments of data that Ethernet service is offered?

The Switch has established a very granular and dynamic Ethernet product, one that we believe is suited to accommodate several different applications to serve media organization’s dynamic needs that include, communications, administrative data requirements and the evolving file-­‐based workflows that continue to be important production tools to support media productions. These increments of service include:

  • 20Mbps
  • 50Mbps
  • 100Mbps
  • 200Mbps
  • 300Mbps
  • 400Mbps
  • 500Mbps
  • 600Mbps
  • 700Mbps
  • 800Mbps
  • 800Mbps
  • 2000Mbps
  • 300Mbps

Special Event Service Packaged with Video Service:

  • 500Mbps
  • 650Mbps
  • 1000Mbps
  • 2000Mbps
  • 4000Mbps
How is Ethernet Scheduled?

With a recent upgrade of its Customer Controlled Software system, SwitchIT, customers can schedule and provision Ethernet service themselves or call The Switch Booking Operation (212 227 9191) to schedule their Ethernet service.

When using XprsIT, after I select a FiveNines City and XprsIT takes me to the Transmission/Source Port page, the Ethernet port is greyed out and I cannot select it?

By default in XprsIT, FiveNines and Standard Video ports are active and can be select prior to picking a transmission Type.  However, the Ethernet ports will not be active until an Ethernet Transmission type is selected and then the Video ports will be greyed out.

When I make a Point-to-Point Ethernet booking, why is the price listed as $0.00?

Due to the complexity, currently Ethernet pricing will be added manually during the billing process.

Why do I not see any Ethernet ports to select from, but there are Ethernet buttons in the Transmission section that are greyed out?

Certain customers have the ability to book FiveNines Point to Point Ethernet services and the Ethernet buttons in the Transmission section is used by them to select which bandwidth they need.