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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in my Broadcast Center to facilitate HomeRuns?

Sufficient Switch connectivity to support all inbound and outbound requirements. FiveNines venues. FiveNines infrastructure, but not necessarily.

When are HomeRuns available?


Do HomeRuns have the same level of diversity and redundancy as other service that is transported by The Switch?


What is the trouble-­shooting procedure for HomeRuns?

The Switch has enhanced its monitoring, internal routing distribution systems and, coupled with network transmission diagnostic tools already in-­‐place, has access at its Network Operations Center to all HomeRuns signals transported in the network. These capabilities assure that if a HomeRuns transmission anomaly occurs, isolation of the problem, and remedy, is rapidly achieved.

Are there any audio limitations on the HomeRuns service?

No. For each HomeRuns path, digital audio is an embedded feature of audio transport and is currently capable of supporting one Digital Audio Group (4 channels of audio) or four Digital Audio Groups (16 channels of audio), as required by the customer.

How are HomeRuns monitored?

Like any other feed, HomeRuns are monitored from The Switch’s 24/7/365 Network Operations Center(s) which features state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art network management and video monitoring systems, 24/7 booking support, and is equipped with UPS and Generator backup systems, Snell & Wilcox Alchemist Standards Converters and HD/SD Up/Down conversion capabilities.

How are HomeRuns scheduled?

Generally scheduled via templates. HomeRuns and SwitchIT

How does the HomeRuns service work?

Each individual camera source is JPEG compressed. The Switch is provided isolated hand off of each camera feeds at the venue’s I/O panel, The Switch encodes each individual camera feed and transports it, 1+1, across its network to the customer’s on-­‐net facility where the signals are decoded and presented as a baseband HD-­‐SDI handoff to the client for routing to their production control room. Audio channels are embedded with the video. Directors can direct camera operators with <.03 second delay. Return paths to venue can be supported as well.

What are HomeRuns?

HomeRuns is The Switch’s solution for centralized production, allowing isolated camera feeds, audio channels and file-­‐based workflows to seamlessly integrate the remote production with the customer’s broadcast center facility. The Switch’s HomeRuns service is designed to support the high quality, low latency, needs of Sports, News and Entertainment production using our J2K platform