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Frequently Asked Questions

When is 4K available?

The Switch can provide 4k service now.

What do I need in my Broadcast Center to facilitate 4k?

Every Broadcast Plant is different but for the most part, the Broadcast Center will need 3G-­‐SDI routing and distribution infrastructure to internally pass the 4K signal that is handed-­‐off to the customer by The Switch. 4K monitoring capability is required at the customer’s Transmission Center, through to the Production Center environment offering technical and operational support of 4k service at the client facility.

Are there any audio limitations?

The native 4K signal that is “handed-­‐off” for connectivity to Switch resources (4X 3G-­‐SDI) is supported by the J2K compression system in The Switch Network and embeds audio, enabling support of one Group of Digital Audio (4 channels of audio) or four Groups of Digital Audio (16 channels of audio). Audio service for 4K is consistent within the fabric of The Switch Network and is accommodated just like any other service that requires audio transport.

Does 4K have the same level of diversity and redundancy as other service that is transported by The Switch?

Yes. 1+1 protection is in-­‐place for 4K service scheduled on The Switch network for 4K service.

How is 4K service monitored?

The Switch has implemented 4K monitoring and management stations at its Network Operations Center that offers the operation complete visibility of 4K video that may be provisioned in the network. In addition to this monitoring capability, all health & status diagnostic systems are available to the NOC operation which can isolate and remedy any 4K technical issue that may exist.

How is 4K service scheduled?

The Booking Operation of The Switch (212 227 9191), using Scheduling and Provisioning systems of the Network, will schedule 4K service. Because it is a relatively new offering, we suggest you have a conversation with your designated Account Representative so the specific 4K application may be discussed so a detailed proposal can be furnished to describe the technical operational and commercial requirements of the potential 4k application.

How does The Switch transport 4K?

The 4K signal is segmented into four quadrants, each of which are 3G or HD-­‐SDI. These four signals are each presented as an individual input source at The Switch I/O panel at the venue or the customer location. The Switch JPEG2000 encodes each signal and they are then fed across our 20Gbps network, always 1+1 protected to the receive end where the four signals are synchronized and stitched back together to present one seamless image via four 3G or HD-­‐SDI hand-­‐offs.

What is 4K?

4K is the new standard for Ultra High Definition Television. 4K is roughly 4X the resolution of 1080p High Definition.