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Frequently Asked Questions

When is 4K available?

The Switch can provide 4k service now.

What do I need in my Broadcast Center to facilitate 4k?

Every Broadcast Plant is different but for the most part, the Broadcast Center will need 3G-­‐SDI routing and distribution infrastructure to internally pass the 4K signal that is handed-­‐off to the customer by The Switch. 4K monitoring capability is required at the customer’s Transmission Center, through to the Production Center environment offering technical and operational support of 4k service at the client facility.

Are there any audio limitations?

The native 4K signal that is “handed-­‐off” for connectivity to Switch resources (4X 3G-­‐SDI) is supported by the J2K compression system in The Switch Network and embeds audio, enabling support of one Group of Digital Audio (4 channels of audio) or four Groups of Digital Audio (16 channels of audio). Audio service for 4K is consistent within the fabric of The Switch Network and is accommodated just like any other service that requires audio transport.

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