Why The Switch


As a unique alternative to traditional video switching services, The Switch is driven by customer demand and thrives on anticipating and providing "what's next" in the market place. Depend on The Switch for unparalleled quality and unprecedented control.

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Local Routing / Ports

Through our ports offering, The Switch provides its customers an alternative to the high-cost and unpredictable reliability of traditional video switching alternatives. The service is available as a fixed monthly port charge with no per-switch fees, allowing customers to successfully budget this portion of their transmission costs while avoiding costly overruns.

Local Fiber Circuits

Through agreements with AT&T, Verizon Business Network Services, Cox and CenturyLink, The Switch offers cost-effective local fiber circuits to customers in 45 states and Washington, D.C. Which seamlessly support: Uncompressed High Definition 1.485 Gbps, SMPTE 292M; Uncompressed Standard Definition 270 Mbps, SMPTE 259M; Customer Compressed HD 19.39 Mbps ATSC, SMPTE 310M; and DVB/ASI.

Long Haul Transmission / ICOD

Our revolutionary ICOD service allows customers to immediately establish inter-city connections directly from their web-enabled, touch-screen control system. Available in 270 Mbps Uncompressed SDI, 1.485 Gbps Uncompressed HD-SDI, and 3G Uncompressed, subject to local circuit availability, ICOD offers the flexibility of immediate or scheduled intercity transmissions in increments as low as one minute.